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Valdosta State University

Doctor of Public Administration Discussion Leader, Department of Political Science, (July 2020-December 2020)

  • DPA Discussion Leader in PADM 7360 Planning and Implementing Electronic Government.
  • Contributed to course planning and course syllabus.
  • Developed and led course Module 4: Public Knowledge: Access and Benefits in Week 4 – September 8-14, 2020 and Module 6: International and Comparative E-Government in Week 7 – September 29-October 5, 2020 and Week 8 – October 6-12, 2020 to Master and Doctoral of Public Administration Students.
  • Module 6 was primarily developed by April Heyward’s Quantitative Study titled “Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Government Delivery Modules” approved by Valdosta State University IRB – Protocol Number –  03979-2020.
  • Module 4 and Module 6 contributed to Expected Course Outcome 1 – Describe and explain the Stages of Electronic Government; Expected Course Outcome 2 – Explain the significance of e-democracy and the digital divide, and other current issues in E-Government; Expected Course Outcome 3 – List and describe legislation effecting the Internet and statutes that effect the implementation of E-Government; and Expected Course Outcome 4 – Describe at Least Five Ways the Internet Can Help a Government or Nonprofit Organization’s Responsiveness to Its Constituents.
  • Selected Assigned Readings for Module 4 and Module 6 and linked to Expected Course Outcomes.
  • Module 4 Assigned Reading – Text – Public Knowledge: Access and Benefits Edited by Miriam Drake and Donald Hawks – Chapter 1 – “The Relationship Between Citizen Information Literacy and Public Information Use” by Forest “Woody” Horton, Jr.
  • Module 6 Assigned Readings – Use of Social Media in Canadian Public Administration: Opportunities and Barriers (Gintova, 2019); E-Government Between Developed and Developing Countries (Nawafleh et al., 2012); Using E-Government to Reinforce Government-Citizen Relationships: Comparing Government Reforms in the United States and China (Seifert and Chung, 2009); Where Are E-Governments in South Asian Countries? A Comparative Approach (Seo and Mehedi, 2015).
  • Developed Module 4 and Module 6 Discussion Questions linked to Assigned Readings.

Valdosta State University

Discussion Leader, Department of Political Science, Fall 2018 Semester

  • Discussion Leader in PADM 9030 Logic of Inquiry course in the Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) Program.
  • Organized and led “Mixed Method Approaches to Research Design” to 1st Year Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) Students.
  • Outlined notes and developed discussion questions on assigned readings and responded to student responses to discussion questions.
  • Required Textbook – Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches – John Creswell and J. David Creswell – 5th Edition – Sage Publishing.

Morris College

Guest Lecturer, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, (March 2017)

  • Lecture conducted at Morris College Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Scientific Lecture Series.
  • Lecture titled “The Importance of STEM Workforce Development: The Role You Play”.

University of Central Florida

Discussion Leader, Master of Research Administration (MRA) Program, Spring 2012 Semester

  • Discussion Leader in PAD 5850 Grant and Contract Management course in the Master of Research Administration (MRA) Program.
  • Organized and led “Legislative Impact on Grant Management” to 1st Year Master of Research Administration (MRA) Students.
  • Outlined notes; developed discussion questions; posted notes, links, and videos in Canvas; and responded to student responses to discussion questions.
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