Education Philosophy

I enjoy teaching opportunities and presenting opportunities. It is fulfilling to see the light bulb turn on, comprehension extended, and application of content. My teaching interests are Computational Social Science, Data Science, Machine Learning, Public Administration, Public Policy, and Research Methods. I want to teach Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D./Doctoral students in the Public Administration domain and the Public Policy domain. I want to train Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D./Doctoral students to become researchers and to employ computational methods such as Data Science and Machine Learning as part of research methods which lends itself to Computational Social Science. Computational Social Science is employing computational methods such as Data Science and Machine Learning to inform and solve complex, tame, and wicked problems in Social Science.

Being a Public Sector practitioner for over a decade, I bring theory and practice to the classroom. Through my graduate school training, research projects, and non-research projects, I bring theory and practice to research training and computational methods training. One of my inspirations for my teaching interests and research interests is Dr. Herbert Simon who is revered in Public Administration, Psychology, Economics, and Computer Science. He was one of the first scholars to contribute to Artificial Intelligence before Artificial Intelligence was formerly characterized. He wrote “The Sciences of the Artificial” book which is included in my library. Artificial Intelligence, including the subdisciplines such as Data Science and Machine Learning, is not a private club of the Computer Science discipline and the knowledge, skills, and abilities can be adapted by other disciplines such as the Social Sciences. There is a global human resource challenge in finding individuals from various domains that do programming; statistics; data wrangling to a tidy format in preparation for data analysis and data visualization; and employ Machine Learning algorithms. My teaching aim and training aim is to contribute and increase student’s knowledge economy which will extend their creative economy.

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