Professional Preparation

Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia, Doctor of Public Administration (DPA), Public Administration Major/Public Sector Management Concentration, 2018-Present

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, Master of Research Administration (MRA), Research Administration Major

Benedict College, Columbia, South Carolina, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance Major

Valdosta State University – Doctoral Coursework

  • Administration and Government
  • Logic of Inquiry in Public Administration (Research Methods Course)
  • Research Methods in Public Administration (Research Methods Course)
  • Financial Management for Public and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Democracy and Public Administration
  • Public Administration and Community Based Organizations
  • Program Evaluation (Research Methods Course)
  • Culture of Formal Work Organization
  • Managing Human Resources in Public and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Information and Data Management
  • Innovation and Creative Problem Solving in the Public Sector
  • Politics of Managing Urban Areas
  • Planning and Implementing Electronic Government
  • Comparative Public Policy
  • Street Level Bureaucracy

University of Central Florida – Master Coursework

  • Introduction to Research Administration
  • Grant and Contract Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Contracting for Sponsored Programs
  • Audits for Research Administration
  • Research Integrity for Research Administrators
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • Financial Management in Research Administration
  • Leadership and Organization Models in Research Administration
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Public Program Evaluation Techniques
  • Intellectual Property, Transfer, and Commercialization

Honors and Awards

  • Riley Institute Diversity Fellow, Furman University, June 2017
  • Inaugural Outstanding Research Administration Alumna of the Year, University of Central Florida, May 2014
  • Financial Management Committee Service Recognition, NCURA (National Council of University Research Administrators), December 2013
  • Certificate in Research Administration, University of South Carolina, February 2011
  • Richland 101 Award, Richland County Government, 2004
  • Dean’s List Academic Year 2000-2001
  • Honors Merit Award February 2000
  • Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, Beta Gamma Chapter, Benedict College, 2000
  • Dean’s List Academic Year 1998-1999
  • Deans’ List Academic Year 1997-1998
  • Academic Excellence Award February 1997
  • Honors Student Association February 1997
  • Dean’s List Academic Year 1996-1997
  • Environmental Health Science Association, Benedict College, 1997

CITI Training

  • CITI Institutional Review Board (IRB) Basic – November 2019 – present
  • CITI Responsible Conduct of Research in Social and Behavioral Science – April 2012 – present
  • CITI Human Subjects Research in Social and Behavioral Science – January 2012 – present

Professional Development

Elsevier Researcher Academy


  • How to Secure Funding – Early Career Researcher (ECR) Edition
  • Funding Hacks for Researchers
  • Successful Research Grant Applications – Getting It Right
  • Discover How Metrics Can Boost Funding and Networking Opportunities

Research Data Management

  • How to Conduct Evidence-Based Research
  • How to Manage and Publish Your Research Data
  • How Researchers Store, Share, and Use Data
  • Creating a Good Research Data Management Plan
  • How Researchers Benefit From Citing Data

Fundamentals of Publishing

  • 10 Reasons to Get and Use an ORCID ID
  • The Journal Publishing Cycle
  • Making Sense of Science Stories
  • The Origins of Scientific Publishing
  • Gender Bias in Academic Publishing

Finding the Right Journal

  • A Guide to Journal Citation Metrics
  • How to Identify the Right Journal to Publish In

Open Science

  • How to Leverage Open Hardware to Improve Your Research
  • Publishing Open Access


  • Plagiarism – Decision Making and Dealing with Grey-Zones Across Academic Fields

Fundamentals of Peer Review

  • Diversity of Peer Review

HRSA Division of Independent Review (DIR)

  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (June 2017) 
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (March 2018)
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (June 2018)
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (September 2018)
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (January 2019)
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (June 2019)
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (February 2020)   
  • HRSA DIR Reviewer Training (October 2020)   

LinkedIn Learning

  • SPSS for Academic Research
  • SPSS Statistics Essential Training
  • Designing Big Data Healthcare Studies Part I
  • Designing Big Data Healthcare Studies Part II
  • R Statistics Essential Training
  • Statistics Foundations: 2
  • Learning Data Science: Understanding the Basics          
  • Data Science of Healthcare, Medicine, and Public Health
  • Statistics Foundations: 3
  • R Programming in Data Science: Setup and Start
  • Learning R
  • Data Science of Government and Political Science
  • Big Data Foundations: Techniques and Concepts
  • Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals
  • Data Science Foundations: Data Mining
  • Data Visualization in R with ggplot2
  • Data Wrangling in R
  • Learning the R Tidyverse
  • Cleaning Bad Data in R
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Neural Networks
  • Big Data in the Age of AI
  • Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Decision Trees
  • Machine Learning and AI: Advanced Decision Trees
  • Processing Text With R Essential Training
  • Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Classification Modeling

SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

  • Introduction to Supervision
  • Personnel Practices (18 Contact Hours)
  • The Practical Coach
  • Coaching: Interacting with Employees and Peers

University of South Carolina

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Overview      
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Peer Review   
  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Overview
  • Human Subjects and Animal Care